The recording of Mr Crispy’s difficult second album, Welcome to the Bank, was a lightning fast process – the mixing and mastering, on the other hand, appeared to last for an eternity, while their manager asked irritably each week if the album was ready to release. It was all worth it in the end, apparently.

Inspired by a comment by Chris’s father in law that Mr Crispy’s songs were reminiscent of telephone hold music (“Welcome to the bank… press 1…”), Mr Crispy produced the raw outpouring of emotion that is Welcome to the Bank.

OK, it’s not really a raw outpouring of emotion. Mr Crispy wouldn’t know a raw outpouring of emotion if it bit them on the ankles. But it is a collection of mostly 80s flavoured rock with a whole lot of whammy bar and some scorching piano solos.

All tracks written and performed by Chris Powell (on guitars, drums and bass) and Mark Rowley (on keyboards and synths). The manager’s favourite tracks are Ring of Steel and RIP Lee.

If you want some free music, you can stream or download the album at Mr Crispy’s page at Jamendo. Get your ears into it.

1. Ring of Steel (Rowley/Powell) – (4:02)
2. Greedy Eadie (Rowley/Powell) – (4:46)
3. Rocky (Rowley/Powell) – (3:46)
4. Glass House (Rowley/Powell) – (4:30)
5. Funky Monkey (Rowley/Powell) – (2:54)
6. Speckled Hen (Rowley/Powell) – (3:20)
7. Hickory Dickory (Rowley/Powell) – (2:56)
8. Soggy Ground (Rowley/Powell) – (4:52)
9. RIP Lee (Rowley/Powell) – (4:03)
10. Harry’s Diner (Rowley/Powell) – (4:33)
11. Simply Palmero (Rowley/Powell) – (3:31)
12. Wind (Rowley/Powell) – (4:54)