Trilogy in C Minor is Mr Crispy’s most ambitious (and slightly pretentious) work to date – an EP release of three instrumental pieces in C minor, moving from neo-classical metal to classical.

C Minor 1 starts as a ballad-ish sort of piece (Mr Crispy are nothing if not exactingly descriptive), moving into neo-classical metal in C Minor 2, and then resolving into a classical piece in C Minor 3.

All tracks written and performed by Chris Powell (on guitars, drums, keyboard and bass), Mark Rowley (on keyboards and synths), and Celia Powell with a very small part on keyboard.

Feel like listening to some free music? You can stream or download the tracks at Mr Crispy’s page at Jamendo.

1. C Minor – Part 1 (Rowley/Powell) – soft rock (5:07)
2. C Minor – Part 2 (Rowley/Powell) – neoclassical metal (5:47)
3. C Minor – Part 3 (Rowley/Maslen/Powell) – classical (4:57)