Mr Crispy’s first album is an eclectic instrumental album of rock, blues, metal and folk recorded in the idyllic confines of a tin shed with a couple of resident rats. When we say eclectic, we mean eclectic. Mr Crispy does not apparently believe in themes or genre. The inspiration behind the album appears to be the artists’ unwillingness to write vocals.

All tracks written and performed by Chris Powell (on guitars, drums and bass) and Mark Rowley (on keyboards and synths).

Feel like listening to some free music? You can stream or download the tracks at Mr Crispy’s page on Jamendo.

1. Blue Metal (Rowley/Powell) – hard rock (3:21)
2. The Babking (Rowley/Powell) – ballad (5:10)
3. F & Fs (Rowley/Powell) – folk (3:01)
4. Jeru Groove (Rowley/Powell) – world/funk/who knows! (2:02)
5. Mr Crispy in the Lounge (Rowley/Powell) – lounge (3:41)
6. The Rock of Ollie (Rowley/Powell) – hard rock (3:19)
7. Neil (Rowley/Powell) – metal (4:17)
8. MS Doni (Rowley/Powell) – folk (2:11)
9. A Minor Aria (Rowley/Powell) – rock (4:49)
10.Folka Dot Tie (Rowley/Maslen/Powell) – folk/rock (4:05)
11. Mr Crispy Jam (Rowley/Powell) – blues/rock (4:04)
12. Michael Hill Dueller (Rowley/Powell) – blues (6:04)
13. Wind (Rowley/Maslen/Powell) – ballad (4:58)