Baklava is Mr Crispy’s fourth full album. Apparently Mr Crispy have settled into dessert themed album titles.

Baklava is an album of instrumental hard rock with melodic, riff-based tracks featuring guitars, keyboards, synths and drums. Mr Crispy’s favourite track is Major League. Chris also likes Wild West, and Mark likes Early Warning. [Note from manager: I asked them their favourite tracks and they have been talking for five minutes and singing various riffs to each other, partly because they can’t remember the titles of their own songs.]

Featuring guest drummer Jonathan Benjamin “The Count of Bakla” Filmer on Stag Horn.

Stream or download the album on Bandcamp.

1. Wild West (Rowley/Powell) – 03:31
2. Major League (Rowley/Powell) – 05:05
3. Stag Horn (Rowley/Powell) – 04:16
4. Cascade (Rowley/Powell) – 05:16
5. Free Spirit (Rowley/Powell) – 04:57
6. Backs to the Wall (Rowley/Powell) – 03:34
7. Early Warning (Rowley/Powell) – 04:13
8. Semi (Rowley/Powell) – 04:00
9. Nitro (Rowley/Powell) – 03:15
10. Have a Cigar (Rowley/Powell) – 03:44
11. Caeser (Rowley/Powell) – 04:40
12. The Count of Bakla Theme (Rowley/Powell) – 01:58